New Release! Shun Ishiwaka Songbook3






I think Shun Ishiwaka is emerging as one of the most important musicians of his generation. He’s an astonishingly original drummer, working mostly in Jazz, but also a wide range of other music. And his compositions, which can be heard on his Songbook albums, are really original and important, in my humble opinion.

We first worked together in Suga Dairo’s band, assembled for Shirai Akira’s production of “The Rise And Fall of The City of Mahagonny” at KAAT in 2016, and I was delighted when he asked me to play on the song OldfriendzII on his new album, Songbook3. Also, although we didn’t get to play together in the same room on the same day, and we’ve actually yet to meet, it was a great pleasure to play the opening chorale with Ayaka Sato, and her excellent multi-tracked euphonium. I hope we get to play together some time, in the same room!