I've been fascinated by music since I was a little kid.  I've learnt a lot, but I feel increasingly like I haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet.


I was born in Kent, England in 1974. At 7, I moved with my family to Hastings, on the East Sussex coast. There, at the age of 11, I began learning the trumpet, inspired by watching Dizzy Gillespie on my grandparents' TV. At the age of 13, I switched to the tuba. I played one note and was hooked. I was soon playing in youth Symphony Orchestras, Wind Orchestras and Big Bands around Sussex, and at 14 I began attending the Royal Academy of Music in London as a Junior Exhibitioner, where I studied with Paul Lawrence (London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra). Around this time, I was listening to a lot of classical music and heavy rock. At the age of 15, I attended a lecture recital and workshop given by the great American jazz tuba-player Howard Johnson. I can pinpoint that as a moment when my mind was opened to an infinite world of possibilities for my chosen instrument, and I began experimenting with sound, improvisation and playing in unconventional settings.

In 1992, I attended Goldsmith's College, University of London, where I studied with David Powell (London Sinfonietta, Loose Tubes). After graduation, I began a freelance performing career, and I've been lucky enough to be the tuba-player of choice for a huge range of artists and musical styles. In 2007, after 15 years as a professional musician based in London, I moved to Tokyo, where my musical life has gone from strength to strength. I now find myself busy playing for new theatre productions, TV and film soundtracks, and a wide range of contemporary jazz, world and pop music.

I once got a fantastic piece of advice. When I was 17, Henry Threadgill's Very Very Circus came to town. After a mind-blowing show, I got chatting to one of their tuba-players, Edwin Rodriguez, and told him I was hoping to become a professional musician. He told me always to make my own music, in my own groups, no matter what other projects I was involved in, because you can't rely on the phone to ring!  With that in mind, in addition to being called to play in a lot of interesting projects, I've always run my own groups, which has given me a chance to compose, experiment and tour internationally. This began with the London-based 7-piece band The Very Tiny Little Kids, followed by Farmyard Animals Trio and Setsubun Bean Unit. After moving to Japan, I started the group Nerima Tea Club, and I am currently very happily fascinated,  performing, writing and producing for FU-CHING-GIDO.

You can learn more about my musical life in Japan, and hear some tracks in the radio interview I did with Paul Fisher of Far Side Radio, Resonance FM London, by listening below.

Some of the artists I've been honoured to play with include:

Sigur Rós
Matthew Herbert
Graham Collier
Billy Cobham
Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Cicala Mvta
Orquesta Libre
Jim O'Rourke
Tsunoda Takashi
Mikhail Fish
Michel Godard
Suga Dairo
Shun Ishiwaka
John Surman
Dominique Pifarély
Ohta Hiromi
Charan Po Rantan
Frank London
Angela Aki
Hoppy Kamiyama
Brandon Ross
John Dankworth
Cleo Laine  
Eliza Carthy
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro
Max De Wardener
David Murray
Otomo Yoshihide
Pika (Afrirampo)
Saya (Tenniscoats)
Sakamoto Miu
Beverley Knight
Fanfare Ciocarla
Soul Flower Union
Think Of One
Katou Tokiko
Chicago The Musical (2002-)
Kushida Kazuyoshi (2010-)

現在東京に在住する、イギリス生まれ、イギリス育ち、イギリス人のプロチューバプレイヤーです。 クラシックからフリージャズなど、幅広いジャンルを演奏していますが、特に好みで得意とするものは、インプロビゼーション..や作曲、世界各国の伝統的、民族的音楽のリサーチなどです。 現在は、FU-CHING-GIDO 



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